Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bar Harbor Vacation Spectacular II

It's becoming sort of a family tradition that we rent a house over in Maine for a week in August to see each other, relax, and get out into the outdoors a bit. We had a great time last year, and for all I've been doing this past month I've definitely deserved it. Suspense is all but done, and we'll get the release underway as soon as I get back. I've also been getting together plans for an audio version with an old friend of mine, plus getting the house ready for my incoming housemates. I've been pounding away at the sequel to Suspense, Expense too, and I'm halfway through, which was definitely my goal for the month.

So now it's time to enjoy a little...

And hit the Precipice trail at Acadia National Park... (Yes, there are little bars there that you climb up. This trail is NOT for the faint of heart.)

Hopefully I won't be early enough to see any of this, but it'll be nice to get out kayaking in our little cove.

See you in September as we kick off a great fall!


  1. We were just there last year... Maine is one of our favorite destinations! We had kayaks with us and were able to go out on Jordan Pond. Did you happen to find the Pie Lady? She sells pies and other treats out of her house... absolutely wonderful and they are the sweetest little couple! They took us on a tour of the kitchen where her husband makes the pie crusts. Fantastic! She's located on 3, between Bar Harbor and the mainland. I think she's only open certain days of the week (Monday - Thursday??).

    Enjoy!! I'm so jealous you're going!!

  2. Hey Emily! That's awesome you were out here. It really is beautiful and we've been having a great time. I definitely know Jordan Pond, but I haven't seen the pie lady. I'll have to keep an eye out next time we go by. Today we climbed Beehive and hiked around Sand Beach. Hopefully you're having fun too!