About Me

If you've lived through the American educational system, you can understand that things get pretty boring from time to time, and so I spent a lot of my youth disappearing into stories, whether they be movies, video games, or books. They were vibrant and exciting, each of them about achieving something wonderful despite all odds.

That was the kind of thing I wanted when I finished my degree and went to teach English in Japan. I was battling the language barrier and discovering new people, but then of course I met something even more paralyzing than the American educational system, the Japanese educational system. In both places there were tons of incredible professionals doing the best to help students develop, and I have benefited directly from so many great teachers, but this time I around I started writing stories of my own instead of absorbing them.

Now I write young-adult fiction in a variety of its sub-genres. I'm lucky enough to do this for a living, and I hope I'll be able to keep doing it for a very long time. To all of my wonderful readers, thank you so very much!

If you'd like to get in touch with me, you can write to infinitejuly (at) gmail (dot) com.