Friday, August 12, 2011

Suspense: To Be Released September 9th!

After a hot summer full of furious typing, I'm very pleased to announce the upcoming release date of Suspense, the first book in a new YA (16+) dystopian trilogy named after the heroine, Spencer Nye!

Maybe this is something authors say a lot, but I have no doubt that this is the best piece of fiction I've written yet. If I've done my job, the action will hit you right away and won't let up until the very end.

To give you some idea about the future in which Spencer lives, imagine a world where everyone has enough. Food, things you need, things you want, they all come from a machine called a molecular synthesizer. If everyone has enough, crime would disappear, then police, then laws, then money, then war, then governments, and what would be left?

The answer is entertainment. The Culture Industry remains to provide people with movies, music, etc, and the focus of the world revolves around a group of mega-celebrities known as the Idols. These Idols compete for the only currency left that has any value, the currency of human affection, and they fight for popularity with more than just hit singles and blockbuster releases.

Spencer Nye is a diehard, more than just a fan or follower, and she's part of a small militant group that fights for an Idol named Cleary Mintz against diehards of the other Idols. Most people don't understand that the Idols are at war with one another, but Spencer does, and when she discovers a murder plot that threatens Cleary's life, she'll do whatever it takes to save the movie star she idolizes.

That's kind of functional as a rough description, isn't it? Hopefully the stuff we have planned for the release will be almost as exciting as the book. There'll be big ticket giveaways for Kindles/Nooks, Suspense cover skins for those devices, and signed copy and e-book giveaways on a number of great blogs. Here's hoping it's a big success!


  1. Hey Jason, congrats on the new blog, Turkish delight, and Suspense (or should that be "Suspence"?).

    I agree, this is your best stuff and I just can't wait to see the final version and the rest of the trilogy!

  2. Thanks a lot for taking the time to help out with it, Garrett!

  3. Oh new book! Congratulations. Sounds a little like Scott Westerfield's Extras, but I'm interested to see what your take on a reputation-based world.

  4. Hi Jamie, you know, I'd never actually read the description for that series until now. There definitely do seem to be some similarities with both the fame-seeking and investigating. As with any story, the heart of it comes down to what's going on between the characters, and I think what happens between Spencer and her best friends Jetta (a cyborg) and Patch (a programmer) when they brush up against the world of the ultra-famous will pull people in. Hope you find it suits your tastes!

  5. Hi Jason,
    I got your book downloaded to my PC I am not lucky enough to own a Kindle but I really think its going to be good book you wrote.I have wonder how the world would be like this.

    OK off to read it

    Good Luck on all your sales.


  6. Hi J.B. , thanks very much for your interest. I hope you enjoy the story, and it might mean a Kindle too you if you check out the giveaway on our facebook page.

    Also, just so everybody knows, the print version of the book is available now on Amazon and BN too.

    Thanks again!